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Impulse’s kick-off to the Halloween season with their fetish dance party. Features stage acts, multi-piece dungeon and thematic decor.

About this event

Impulse: Descent is our tribute to the twisted, the macabre, and Impulse is excited to kick off the Halloween season for Toronto in the best way we know how.

A night featuring performances by some of the most talented artists on the continent, amazing DJs, and transforming the Opera House into a dark twisted version of itself. Come join us and bring in the spooky season in style with an unforgettable night of Art, Fetish and Dance.




Miss Kleio


Headlining Act – Onyx – Exotic Pole

Woody Fox and Fenton – Duo Aerial Straps

Yovska – Drag Performance

Ticketing at : https://www.eventbrite.ca

Standard Tickets – $50

BIPOC Tickets – $35

Newsletter Tickets – $35 to $40

Early Bird Tickets – $45

Doors – Open at 10pm

Stage Acts – start around 11 pm

Dungeon – Open at 11 pm

Dress Code

Dressing up for Impulse Events is mandatory. If you’re a veteran of the scene or it’s your first time. The suggested dress code for Impulse Descent includes Fetish, Halloween, dark-twisted creatures, Cyberpunk, Cyber Goth, Latex, Leather, PVC, Rubber, Vinyl, Fetish Glam, Body Paint, Lingerie, Drag etc.

No effort means no entry. The decision of our door staff is final. Blue jeans and band t-shirts won’t cut it.

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Safety protocols:

  1. All attendees are required at the door to provide proof of vaccination (2 shots). If you have any concerns with access to the venue with your vaccination proof please contact us at ImpulseToronto@gmail.com
  2. Refunds will be available up to the day before, refunds on the day of will be processed after the event by emailing ImpulseToronto@gmail.com. If you or any of your circle have any covid symptoms STAY HOME.
  3. Colour-coded wristbands to highlight considerations towards personal space, this is in addition to our expectations towards respectable consent behaviours of all our guests. Green: I am comfortable with close engagements, but ask first. Yellow: I may not be comfortable with close engagements, ask first. Red: I am not comfortable with people in my space.

Impulse Event Rules

  1. Consent is Mandatory! If you haven’t asked express permission to touch or play with an individual, then that behavior is not acceptable until and unless you have gained their consent.
  2. Fetish dress code is in effect. Costumes and/or fetish wear is mandatory. If you are unsure of what is acceptable, reach out to the organizers.
  3. No activity of any kind that is deemed unsafe or illegal by staff or club security shall be allowed. No drug use, exposed genitalia, or outside alcohol is permitted.
  4. No photography allowed. Impulse will provide a photographer all night long to capture you in all your glory.
  5. If something concerns you, tell our Impulse ‘Ambassadors’ who can be identified by their glowing blue armbands or venue security. We will make all reasonable efforts to deal with situations with anonymity.

Impulse Dungeon Rules

  1. No photography is allowed of the Dungeon area or its participants.
  2. Consent is mandatory- no touching unless explicitly permitted.
  3. Dungeon Masters (DM) can be identified by glowing red armbands. If you have any questions or concerns please refer to them. They have the final word on what is, and is not, allowed in the Dungeon.
  4. House safewords are RED for stop, YELLOW for caution. The DM will intervene if the involved persons do not respond appropriately. SAFEWORD will be considered a call for outside assistance.
  5. No blood-play, piercing, fire-play, urine, exposed genitals, or penetration is allowed. If a DM judges an activity to be dangerous, unsafe, or non-consensual they will intervene and if required remove involved persons from the Dungeon.
  6. Cleaning supplies and garbage cans are provided. Clean up after your scene, and make a reasonable effort not to make a mess. If your scene involves wax or oils, use a drop cloth.
  7. No interfering with a scene at any point. If you feel individuals are monopolizing a piece of equipment notify, the DM.
  8. We can only supply dungeon equipment on which to hold scenes. All personal instruments (including, but not restricted to: whips, paddles, crops, and floggers) must be supplied by the individual who will be using them.


October 8, 2022
$43.11 – $61.09
Door Ticket:
Age Limit:
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The Opera House
735 Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario m4m1h1 Canada
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